Web 2.0 Review – So what is Media 2.0

Open Gardens: Tim O’ Reilly’s seven principles of web 2.0 make a lot more sense if you change the order

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To recap – Here is a WEB 2.0 FAQ

What is web 2.0? : It’s the intelligent web.

What makes it intelligent? We do.

How does it happen? : By harnessing collective intelligence

What do you need to harness collective intelligence? : The other six principles!

I would argue Media 2.0. So what is Media 2.0 about? The fundamentals have changed!

-Content is abundant

-Distribution is abundant

-Attention is scarce

-User/ Consumer is in control

-Publisher, Content Aggregator, Distribution Oligopoly you are not in control anymore – I can unsubscribe

-Attention can be captured by the user – this data is much better than any silo or cloud’s data

-AttentionTrust – non-profit holder of the policy around user attention

Web 2.0 + Media 2.0 = 1.0 Disruption

1.0 Oligopolies beware……;-)

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