User Controlled Attention in Action – Attention Mashups

Matt McAlister has a really interesting post about taking Last.FM attention data and mashing it up with

I know where and when my favorite bands are playing

I also happened to stumble on one of the coolest mashups I’ve seen in a while called All Crazy Style via the Yahoo! Mashup Gallery the day of the presentation which I then added into the talk last minute. All Crazy Style simply pulls my usage data (with my permission) and matches it against my location (again, with permission) and then shows me where and when the bands I tend to listen to most are playing in my area.

Wow. Love it.

I didn’t know that RJD2 is playing at The Independent in San Francisco December 3rd…and since none of my friends are fans I never would have found out otherwise. And there’s no way an advertisement for such a small event would make it to me through the media I consume.

Additionally, I probably wouldn’t have gone looking through to find any of these listings, because I’m lazy. But my implicit behavior provides enough data so that I don’t have to explicitly track down when my favorite bands are playing. It also provides enough data to essentially recommend shows that I might like.

This is a much different kind of Mashup – an Attention Mashup.

- consumer in control of their attention stream
- the service allowing the attention streams to leave the silo
- other services leveraging freed attention streams to create value
- value is added on multiple dimensions between all parties

This is the Web beyond 2.0 and even beyond the Semantic Web – this is the future!

BTW, I’m kirk95 on send me an invite. :-)

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