The Attention Centric View of Re-portalization

De-portalization and Internet revenues
It’s buzzword metaphor day on the Blog. ;-)

Deportalization 1

Wow, what a publisher centric view or world.

This picture is missing the user/ consumer. You know the the stakeholder with scarce attention and abundant content and distribution choice – limitless choice!

So let’s say the user is represented by water in this model. In addition to the foothills rising, the water will be is rising 10x as fast – the glaciers are melting right. So when we reach 2010, all the mountains are underwater including the foothills.

That’s when the user will be in control. Want to monetize the user’s attention? Then you MUST bring a valid value proposition and probably a trusted recommendation to the table to gain access to user attention.

To me de-portalization of content and services is about Attention Portalization with users taking control not Foothill or Mountaintop Publishers.
Deportalization Copy-3

Remember re-disinter-mediation from the early Internet days?

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