The Essence of Marketing 2.0 – kill the attention wasters!

Favoriting Ads

Then why not offer the audience the opportunity to favorite the ads? And make it mean something. If you favorite an ad, you’ll see it twice the rate of all other ads for example. I am not going to click on this Blackberry Curve ad. I don’t want to disrupt my workflow right now. But believe me, this ad has made an impact on me. At some point, I am going to go out and get me one of these curve phones. Let me favorite the ad and reinforce that decision without impacting my workflow.

Fred, you have hit upon the essence of Marketing 2.0!

Who’s in control? Today it’s the Client. Tomorrow it will be the user.

As the user/consumer do I care what the advertiser or publisher wants from an advertising perspective?

Hello people…. absolutely not?

The only thing I care about is what I want.

I have scarce attention.
I have abundant choice options.
I have implicit and explicit intentions.

What I don’t have time for, patience for, tolerance for is wasting my scarce Attention! Please STOP NOW!

Marketers, advertisers, publishers are implicitly tagged “attention wasters” in consumer’s minds with regards to ads. Paying attention to those ad placements in any medium is a low ROA (return on attention) proposition to the consumer. The consumer’s only retaliation for such relentless constant abuse is to erect attention firewalls – I choose to ignore you 99.9% of the time.

Think about… $300B of marketing goes out every year, exposing US consumers to 3000 marketing messages a day, at 10 sec/ marketing message that’s 8 hours of marketing messages/ day/ US consumer. How much of that really gets through?

If you let consumers rate or favorite ads that they have zero influence over guess what they are going to do? Tell you they hate advertising, rate them as bad most of the time or completely ignore you 99.9% of the time.

The answer of course is to get the consumer involved in the process. And that’s not with research methodologies like comscore, hitwise or compete or even the current crop of consumer “out of control” behavioral strategies.

This is the great promise of the Attention Economy which offers up concepts like the principles of

This offers us an opportunity to potentially solve the challenges of marketing 1.0 for all stakeholders:

Marketers would get efficiency versus the ridiculous 1.0 inefficiencies.
Publishers would get higher eCPMs versus less than “beer money” eCPMs of today
Consumers would get ROA versus the constant barrage of intrusive irrelevance they get today.
Privacy becomes irrelevant – user in control makes privacy go away.

Call me a dreamer but this is the world I want to build and live in. I want advertising as a service! Right now it’s just an annoyance.

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