Web 2.0 has 2 very different audiences, only 1 is scalable

Here’s what I’ve learned over the past 60 days living on the F8 wave. There are 2 distinctive 2.0 audiences – Gen Y social networkers and the older mostly male geeky TechCrunch reading 2.0 audience. One is scalable and foreshadows future behavior while the other will try anything 2.0 for 2 weeks and maxes out at somewhere around 300K users. The Facebook crowd is the former.

They don’t read techcrunch
They don’t blog
They don’t use most of the 2.0 apps out there
They’re mostly female
They’re mostly 18 – 24 and 25 – 34
They live on Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, etc…
They don’t hang out on Linkedin



Here’s the mistake most media veterans make when looking at the F8 social media phenomena. They overlay their media values over the new social medium. The truth is Facebook usage has nothing to do with their media values. It’s ALL about the very social Gen Y-ers, who spend huge chunks of their time engaged in this new medium.

50 years ago, baby boomers spent huge chunks of their time watching shows like “All in the Family” for entertainment. You could argue a huge waste of time. Today the Facebookers spend their entertainment time throwing food at their friends on Food Fight or sending virtual drinks on Happy Hour or drawing pretty pictures in Graffiti or playing poker in Texas Hold ‘Em.

Facebook is the new TV! Only this medium is social and engaging not passive and linear. Time with media has already dramatically shifted for this generation which foreshadows what is coming – a massive behavioral shift. It happened 12 years ago. It’s happening again!

Time With Media-2

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